Our Matchbox Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 models

During the 1990s Matchbox produced many toys from the Thunderbirds series. On this page you'll see our favourites. All the vehicles are diecast metal. These are nice detailed little models with no gimmicks.

All photos by Robin & Pauline at Space City

Matchbox Thunderbird 1

Thunderbird 1

A good diecast model of Thunderbird 1. The wings fold inwards.
We painted the wings on our model as they were blue plastic. Aside from that it's a pretty accurate looking model.

Matchbox Thunderbird 2

Matchbox Thunderbird 2

A superb diecast model of Thunderbird 2. This model superficially resembles the Dinky toy produced in the 1960s. This Matchbox model is, in our opinion, a much better model. As with the Dinky toy, the pod drops down and four legs swing down to raise the craft above it. Inside the pod is a metal model of Thunderbird 4. This is one of the best Thunderbird 2 toys produced.

Matchbox Thunderbird 4

Matchbox Thunderbird 4

Thunderbird 4 - International Rescue's submarine.

This is a tiny little model that was included with Thunderbird 2. Although about the same size as the earlier Dinky model, this is made of metal rather than plastic. Unlike its Dinky counterpart, this model has appropriate markings and is nicely finished.

Matchbox TB3

Matchbox Thunderbird 3

A nice model of the Thunderbird spaceship. It's a tiny model but fairly well detailed. A pity nobody seems to be able to get the '3's the right way around on TB3 toys. As with the other models this toy is diecast metal.

Matchbox FAB 1

Matchbox FAB1

Lady Penelope's six wheeled pink Rolls Royce.

A nice little diecast model. This is MUCH smaller than the earlier Dinky toy.
No gimmicks on this one. I was disappointed with this model when it was issued, but having seen later Vivid Imaginations FAB1 toys, this is pretty good by comparison.

Matchbox Mole

Matchbox Mole

International Rescue's drilling machine for underground rescues.
A very nice toy with a clever mechanism that rotates the drill as the vehicle is pushed along.

Matchbox promotional poster

Matchbox Thunderbirds Poster

A poster promoting Matchbox Thunderbirds toys.

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